Care Home Exercise Sessions

Supporting older people in care homes to remain active during the pandemic

EPIC Norfolk has received a grant from Sport England’s Tackling Inequalities Fund to allow us to give older people across 100s of care homes in Norfolk the opportunity to be physically active. Prior to Covid-19, older people (especially those that are frail and living in care homes) have always been a key group to get physically active to reduce the risk of falls and many chronic medical conditions.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many older people in care homes have become more vulnerable without family and friends being able to visit and no physical activity instructors allowed to lead sessions, meaning a large decrease in physical and mental health. As care homes will be one of the last areas to have restrictions eased as they are at most risk of Covid-19, it is important to us that we can help and support them without putting them at further risk.

EPIC Norfolk has always supported older people, particularly in care homes across Norfolk. We were approached by local care providers to see how we can increase the physical activity levels and wellbeing of their tenants.

We will be releasing a weekly video that will start with very gentle and basic exercises that will progress over 20 weeks. All the videos will be available on our YouTube channel, which you can view here –

We are also able to send some resistance bands to care homes based in Norfolk to use with the sessions. If you’re interested in receiving these, please email us at