Intergenerational Exercise

Helping young and old connect through physical activity for mutual benefit

Our intergenerational sport programme is an innovative way of improving the physical and mental health of older people living in care settings by introducing school children to play sports together. This has the added benefit of helping young children understand different generational issues and become through exposure to people in different situations.

For schoolchildren, this opportunity to play and experience an entirely different environment can have a number of positive impacts including confidence in new surroundings and with different people, as well as the fitness and health benefits of getting an hour of activity. The government-awarded PE and Sport Premium, which all primary and secondary schools are entitled to, can be invested in this programme to deliver incredible health and confidence outcomes for school children while making an immeasurable impact on older people in communities and care settings. Teachers can also be trained through EPIC to deliver intergenerational exercises themselves.

Often older people in residential settings can become isolated and lose independence through lack of movement or new experiences. Intergenerational exercises, which are adapted for people living with various conditions, gives elderly people the chance to spend time with enthusiastic young people which has proven to have an extremely positive impact on mental and physical health while reducing social isolation, a governmental priority. Traditionally this service is delivered in care settings and we are able to coordinate the entire programme on behalf of care homes.

This programme is suitable for youth clubs and groups as well as schools and EPIC Norfolk has involved a wide range of groups and organisations in intergenerational exercises in Norfolk to incredible effect.

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